Scott R. Dykema


Scott is an artist, teacher, creator and family man living in Texas with his wife and son. Scott graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In his spare time he loves to be outdoors, spend time with his family and enjoys reading, running, painting and playing.

Artist Statement:

My work comes from an endless desire to create. I have a deep affection for putting something down onto a blank surface, making the commitment to giving it life, and seeing it through to its finished state. The process is so complicated, and yet, so pleasurable. My recent body of work is about taking old, useless materials, such as unsold paintings, used-up stencils, unfinished works on paper, and giving them new life through collage. I took a look around my studio and found an abundance of evidence of my past. Instead of stashing it or filing it away, I decided to celebrate it by creating works that are joyful and sometimes silly. My work has been an on-going internal conversation for the past 12 years or so, and though I have taken small breaks, I do not plan on finishing the conversation any time soon.

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I have just illustrated my first children’s book benefiting the Boys and Girls Club. For every book sold, one book will be giving to a child in need.

The Keep Dreaming Book: